One of the greatest concerns among men in terms of their aesthetics is their facial hair. The beard is a region that can either be an area of frustration or pride among men, as how long their beards can grow, or how neatly they are trimmed will have a great impact in terms of how they look, overall. One of the items that would really come in handy for men to achieve the beard trim that’s perfect for their facial features is the elektrorasierer, and one brand that makes the best of these trimmers is Braun. Below are just some of the several note-worthy features of the BT series.

Lifelong Sharp Blades

The sharpness of the blades dictates how well the trimmer gets to cut the beard. It is of utmost importance that the blades are kept as sharp as possible, as dull blades not only fail to give a good cut, they could also cause injury and can be painful to use. Rusty blades can also cause infections, especially when they would the area that is being shaved on. While most blades have to be replaced on a regular basis, the Braun blades are constructed in such a way that it remains sharp throughout the device’s life.

Wired and Wireless Operations

To keep the results as consistent as possible the Braun beard trimmer comes with a dual battery system, which allows for consistent speeds. You can either operate it with the wire, or through the batteries that it comes with. A single charge is good for 50 minutes,


Even if it is an electronic device, and as we all know, water is often an electronic device’s enemy, With the Braun Electric Beard Trimmer, however, you are able to run it under water for a quick, easy, and effective clean.