If you are looking for an over-the-top service that allows you to view videos via streaming online, for webisodes and feature-length movies, one of the best sites for you to visit is popcornflix. All of the popcornflix movies that you can watch are owned by Screen Media Venturs, and hence you can be assured that the movies you watch through this site are all legal, and you will not be caught in trouble if you decide to do so. It’s a relatively new site, and yet is something that is loved by many. With that said, what are even more things that you ought to know about the site?


From what used to just be a streaming page for feature films that are independent from large, main-stream levels, it has evolve to a site which features more than just full-length films, but also TV shows as well. Its beginnings can be traced back to July of 2010, where the site was first conceived. It then launched the beta version in March of 2011, and now has 1,500 plus films that you can choose from. With that said, it’s not going to be hard at all for you to get a movie that you really love. They also are based in New York.

Social Media Sites

In order to get more support and to know what the fans want, they are active on social media sites, namely Facebook, Twitter, and they even have their own blog, hosted by Tumbler. It has yet to be posted with anything, however. Despite their relative silence on these sites, despite already existing, it still is easy to make contact with popcornflix through their site, and they also make it a point to maintain their quality services.