If somebody looks at you constantly and you are also interested in the person then this would be a good time for you to approach them through chat apps and start a conversation with them.

They Get Excited Around You

When somebody is interested in you, their energy levels automatically go high the minute you step into the room. This is a pretty clear indication that they are really interested in you. When you hang out with your co-worker or with another group of colleagues and you have noticed that they try to talk to you a little more and they spend more time interacting with you, this is a clear indication that they are attracted towards you.

Their Body Language Is Different

When you spend time with a lot of co-workers you generate a comfortable work environment with them and no matter how close you are to them you don’t really feel any chemistry. However, when a co-worker is into you and when they get really close to you, there are certain sparks that fly and that would clearly indicate that your co-worker is attracted towards you. If you also like your co-workers then the attraction would be a lot higher as well as the spark.

However if you are not interested in the co-worker and you still believe that your co-worker is getting attracted towards you, this would be a good time to put your foot down and tell them that you do not want to take this any further.

They Treat You Different

If your co-worker goes out of the way to bring your cup of coffee to your desk or shares lunch with you but not the others, this might clearly indicate that your co-worker is into you. When somebody is attracted towards you they will do nice things for you so that they get noticed.