One of the things that makes a good iphone fix Singapore store is if they are able to take care of all the common problems that are faced by that particular brand of phone. Moreover, it would also be great to get a phone repair site that’s also able to repair even the most complex of cases. With that said, one of the most trusted, most reliable repair shops that have been met with rave reviews among their clients is Fynd. They are one of the few shops that help to bring the repair shop at your doorstep, or at least, in the comfort of your own home. Below is the full range of issues that they handle.

Cracked Screen

This can be the result of drops from relatively low altitudes, and in most cases, cracked screens are still able to function well, and it’s purely aesthetics that is the concern. Repairing cracked screens are also ways in order to prevent future damage from taking place, as well as to prevent potential injury on your part, and cracked screens can be sharp and injury-causing.

Issues with Touch Screen

Apart from cracked screen, the touch screen can also lose its touch function when it falls from a higher altitude. Damage to the screen here can also be characterized by dark spots, as well as lines that show across the screen.

Phone Not Charging, Battery Issues

One of the worst issues associated with phones is when the port or the charger itself is damaged. In this case, you would need a quick repair or else you would risk not having a phone that’s usable for how many weeks. Also, if the phone battery gets run out fast, and if it does not last for even 5 hours, they are able to have it repaired.