While some of you may think that Maid Just Right house cleaning services is one that is just limited to cleaning for regularly occupied households, you can also hire them for more specific cleaning services, one of which includes homes that are either to be moved into or to be moved out from. This is because homes have to be as clean as they should be before they are left, and whenever they are about to be occupied. In the case of these homes, more thorough cleaning may be necessary, especially if the house has not been occupied for a long time, where mold and mildew, and dust, among others may have accumulated. If you want to know more about it, then here are some details below.

Set of Services

Cleaning of homes include cleaning of cabinets and drawers, the oven, the fridge, interior windows, and spot-cleaning of the walls. These are places that are prone to getting dust accumulated on the surface, and could be areas of neglect as these are not directly seen. Also, spot cleaning of walls allows them to be much brighter and cleaner than other homeowners’ time, for they may have considered just getting used to how it looks rather than actually cleaning it.


The rates are on the higher end compared to their regular cleaning services for homes, but it still is competitive compared to other households that offer the same set of services. The price is dependent on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as these are the places which are prioritized in terms of cleaning. Cleaning is deeper and more detailed, however, which is the reason why there are extra costs associated with cleaning. Furthermore, it is a standard in the industry that rates for such services are much higher.