There are various ways of windows 10 how to screenshot. Taking screenshot windows 10 is a lot easier as compared to the older versions. Now a days where mostly uses windows 10, but let’s take a look and see if the functions of taking a screenshot are any different then what they were in the older windows versions. Taking a screenshot in windows 10 remains the same, with almost same steps and process, but the smoother interface of windows 10 and the added features make it a dream to use this platform.

Pressing the prtscn button on the keyboard also works on windows 10 to take a simple and quick screenshot of your entire page. However, if someone wants to take screenshot of only a part of the page, then they need to use snipping tool. This tool comes pre installed into the windows setup and is easy to use. One can select the specific part of the page that is being viewed and snipping tool will only copy that area that is selected as a screenshot.

This flexibility is important when collecting information. If only part of the screen needs to be taken as screenshot apart from snipping tool one can also use shortcut keys on the keyboard to take such print screens. One can press windows plus shift plus S will help take a screenshot of only part of the page. The image gets saved in the slip board, one must then open a image editors and copy the paste the image there for further editing and then can save the file in their desired format at a preferred location in their computer. Using windows 10 is easy and one does not need to be a computer engineer to use and navigate through the usual features and functions.