The turntable is a kind of music system which is used by numerous professionals. By it, they are able to add different types of effects in the audial outcomes and several other things. The Phono cartridge is the heart of this particular equipment. The cartridge is assembled or attached to the turntable’s tonearm. Now the market is available with a huge variety of the phono cartridge. The buyers can get under 200 phono cartridge with quality services. The cartridge can be mounted to different types of tonearms in different ways. Following are some example of different types of cartridge mount.

Standard mount style

These are also considered as the half inch mount. It is the most common type of mount which is used by the professionals. It is including two screws those are located on the half-inch part and pass from the body of cartridge. Finally, headshell secures it. With it, the cartridge is including four different types of wires with separate colours. These wires are connected to the male plugs those available rear side of the cartridge. The users need to connect the second end of wires to headshell plugs.

P-mount cartridge

The P-mount cartridge is also known as the T4P. It is a different kind of cartridge and assembling the particular one is highly simplified for the users. For it, the users are not required to focus on any type of complicated process. This particular cartridge is easily plugged to the tonearm with the help of a single screw. It makes the complete process easier.


Universal cartridge

It performs work completely as its name. This particular kind of cartridge is designed by adding the properties of different types of cartridges. The users can assemble it on the tonearm in the place of half-inch as well as the P-mount cartridge.