Carl freer is the basic site of many of the victories of the Swedish person Carl john freer. His early work includes the respected post as the co-founder of tiger electronics and has its own charity named as Carl freer family tree. He has many of the sites which include the patents and the sites include home, portfolio, freer foundation and many more.

The homepage is working as the directory to check different links on the website. The about page precisely tell us about a career of Carl freer as the entrepreneur and also the philanthropist. All the insights of the ventures handle by him are accordingly given on the website. The other accomplishments include that Carl freer has co-founded the logo corporation and it is duly licensed by 500 fortune companies.

Carl Freer Foundation

The freer foundation page includes the important feature of the site; it is for the awareness to be conducted for the charity programme. One of the essential information related to it is to go on the director’s main website for the charity the family freer organization is basically the nonprofit organization that will help to transform a life of many of the children. This site has ongoing seven campaigns that are:

  • Daycare center Vietnam
  • Help refugees
  • Children burn foundation
  • Children orphanage Cambodia
  • The willing Cambodia children trust
  • Supplies for orphans
  • Children development center India

All of this has set up a release date of July, 016. It also has the shop where you can purchase the items and can go to any of the seven campaigns that are ongoing on the website.


These all are the main accomplishment of the visionary inventor Carl Freer. He is a great man and deserves all these accomplishments as behind this there is lots of dedication and hard work.