Unlike before, the options we have in terms of beach items and accessories are incredibly vast. Regardless of the product, almost all the materials, color and features applicable to the item are available and achievable. Since there are literally thousands of beach items to look into, we’ll concentrate on the best beach umbrella today. Beach umbrellas available on the market offers their own features and come with corresponding prices, we highly suggest the Coolibar Titanium Beach Umbrella.

Coolibar Titanium Beach Umbrella

Coolibar is a company that’s based in Minneapolis and they have an entertaining tagline which is “Sun Protection Your Wear.” There’s a wide range of accessories and clothes available, one of these products would is the Coolibar Titanium Beach Umbrella. The umbrella is made of nylon that’s repellent, it also has a double-canopy design that’s patented and a rating 50+ UPF. Overall, the umbrella is seven feet tall and is lightweight. Even though it’s a considerable tall umbrella, it could be collapsed to just 45 inches and weighs four pounds. The non-corroding, coated aluminum frame ensures that it’s sturdy.

The silver appearance of the umbrella isn’t there for style and style alone, it reflects a considerable amount of UV rays. According to Coolibar, it keeps the owner 15 degrees cooler despite direct sunlight. The tip of the pole features a corkscrew alongside a sand paper tip to facilitate easy gripping on sand and grass. The fiberglass spreaders and ribs are lightweight and durable. According to the client reviews posted on Amazon, the Titanium Beach Umbrella holds up to the promise of the manufacturers. The main con, based on the handful of negative reviews, would be that the umbrella can’t withstand strong winds and thus some bought other anchors just to be on the safe side.