One of the most effective tools in online marketing is email promotions and a Social Blast. This form of marketing helps you reach out to your customers and promote your business allowing you to expand and increase sales. Most people shy away from the thought of email marketing since they believe it’s a tough job. If you’ve been thinking about email marketing but never had the courage to start up your own campaign, here are a few handy tips to get you going.

  1. Get Creative

Regular promotional emails just don’t work. It’s time you think out of the box and grab a user’s attention right from the start. A catchy title is an absolute must to attract users. No matter how creative your content is, a bad title could land the email into the users’ junk box.

Personalized emails get a better response. When you send an email to your customer it’s important for the reader to feel special. Customers like to read emails addressed to them.

Value added services can help increase sales. Great offers, discount coupons and referral plans help increase engagement and encourage users to keep coming back to your site.

  1. Mobile Friendly Emails

Most users today access emails using their Smartphones. Emails which are not mobile friendly could lose a huge number of views and thus a huge number of visitors and potential clients. The best way to create mobile friendly emails is keeping the size of the email small, combine the email with text and pictures and ensure the emails are aligned in a proper manner to open up well on computers as well as Smartphones.

  1. Focus On Customers

The key to successful marketing is focusing on customers and their needs. Different customers have different requirements. Business owners are required to target different customers based on their behavior on the internet. The new trend in email marketing include behavioral targeting which allows you to target potential customers thus, increasing sales and reducing emailing costs.