Virtual Data Rooms have been touted to be the internet world’s solution to secretaries, paper printing and reproducing, snail mail, and other transactions in businesses that involve communication. If you are looking for a VDR that suits your needs, one of the leaders in this industry is the firmex virtual data room.

What’s with Firmex?

This is virtual data room that’s one of the most powerful in its league. It has a lot of uses and it perfect for M&A Advisory, Pharmaceutical, Legal, Corporate, Mining and Energy, and Funds and Private Equity business sectors to share and/or distribute files and/or documents of different kinds. More than 11,000 data rooms are opened on a yearly basis, with setup taking as quickly as a few minutes. Moreover, it has many other features, as stated below.

Transparent with Prices

One of the disadvantages of VDRs is that some firms charge you with a lot of expenses you don’t see coming. With Firmex, your subscription is safe, as it is fixed in terms of price, while staying simple and flexible. You get what you pay for, and nothing else.

All-Out Support

The tech support of Firmex is one of the best, most responsive in its league, with them being proud of their 24/7/365 support, with them offering help for their users who need it 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year. Not only could you get them to help you all the time, you can get to do so fast and easy.

World-Class Document Security

While VDRs and Cloud Storage Services have security and safety issues, with some being embroiled in leakage controversies and scandals, Firmex does none of that with all files being protected by several levels of control and security, which makes sure that your document sharing through their platform is both compliant with today’s high standards.