A robot vacuum has a laser technology that helps the device create your home’s map, including furniture or other roadblocks to keep it from ramming into them whilst cleaning. A simple click can make this robot vacuum clean the entire carpet or floor with a methodical to and fro motion. Also, it has a powerful suction system which helps pick larger bits of debris from the carpet or the floor. This is also a blessing for households with pets, since it is an expert in tracing and picking the finest pet hairs from carpets which even the manual steam cleaners couldn’t remove. You do not have to worry about extra power consumption as it is programmed to automatically return to its home base once done with cleaning! This is by far the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair you will find. A single recharge could clean up to two floors at a stretch. As long as it fits, it even goes under furniture or beds to clean. It can also detect stair case which prevents it from tumbling down. The dirt tank’s capacity is impressive too which reduces the number of times you have to empty and clean the tank.

It has a unique three-stage cleaning procedure. This machine could detect the tiniest of pet hair to the larger debris. Using its programmed intelligence, it can even detect dirtier areas on the carpet and automatically spends more time cleaning that particular portion. It can also easily target difficult areas like under the bed and furniture.

To make the device remain inside off-limit areas, you could build a virtual wall using the device’s built-in system. The 3 stage cleaning process first uses a side brush which spins to brush dirt off from the walls, and then a built-in accessory functions as a pan and broom and sweeps the debris off from carpets and floors. Lastly, the dirt gathered from the process is transported to the dirt bin situated at the back of the device.

It is highly suitable for households with different carpet and floorings in different rooms since it automatically adapts a cleaning routine depending on the type of the floor. This device is very low on maintenance and you could benefit with its durability and endurance.