If you are planning to get a garage door for your house, the apart from the mechanism through which it opens and/or closes, what the garage door material will be made of is also something that should be given consideration. With that said, what are some of the common materials with which garage doors are made of, as well as the pros and cons of each?


This is the common material used among those who want a modern look to their garage doors. The good thing about aluminium is that they are cheap, stainless, and don’t really need much maintenance. They are, however, not as strong and hence could be more prone to denting than other materials. If your home is not near a place where accidents can be prone, however, this need not be a problem.

Steel Doors

Similar to Aluminum, steel doors also help to give a more modern, futuristic look to garages but can be made thicker and less conductive to heat. With that said, several steel layers can be added, one on top of the other to help provide security and strength to your garage door. 

Vinyl and Fiberglass

These doors are made of composite materials, meaning, not homogenous compared to the ones mentioned here. These are usually made of either polyurethane or foam for insulation, and steel for its core. They can be modified to imitate wood. Despite its lightness and rigidity, it is one of the most expensive types.


Who can go wrong with good, old-fashioned wood? These are one of the best in terms of aesthetics, as you can never go wrong with how fancy wood is. The price of wood greatly varies from one type to another, with some being exponentially more expensive than others.