Tourmaline hair irons are the best kind of hair irons for people who have thin hair which is not very curly. This iron gently increases the heat that’s applied to the hair and helps it get that straight look without too much effort. It’s great for people with thick hair. This is an ideal choice for women with thick hair that isn’t very curly. It works well to straighten hair in no time at all and makes your hair a lot more manageable. It takes no more than 15 seconds to heat up and since the plates on this iron are smooth and flat it becomes easy to style and iron your hair. Always invest in good hair growing products so you don’t suffer from hair fall.

Thick Curly/Coarse Hair

This is one of the toughest hair types to manage and if you’ve got hair like this then you need a strong flat hair iron to help keep the frizz in control. Curls require high temperatures to straighten out which is why you need to look for a machine that delivers high temperatures. Always opt in for an ionized hair iron since this prevents the hair from burning and still manages to help it fall flat. If you’ve got hair like this, always choose a professional range device since it’s safer and won’t damage your hair.

If you’re looking for a metal plated hair iron then one of the best hair irons are the ones that come with a titanium plate. Titanium is the flattest metal and manages to bring the poker straight look to your hair with ease. The best part about this unique shaped hair iron is the rapid heat settings which help you work fast and get the desired results in no time at all. The shape keeps your scalp safe and avoids those accidental hot burns that are caused by a normal shaped hair iron. It works well for thick hair and can deliver amazing results.