One of the nutritional programs that’s touted to help you lose weight in a fast, safe, and effective way is the Nutrisystem Turbo takeoff week. This program guarantees you 7 days, or 1 week of flavorful food plus a combination of shakes and bars that help you lose weight. Apart from 64 ounces worth of water on a daily basis, there’s not much more to ass in the system. What does this contain? Check this out.

7 Days of 3-Course Meals

If you avail of the Nutrisystem Turbo, then you would be given breakfast, lunch and supper through the Turbo Takeoff box, and it’s important to separate them from your other meals, as they were carefully crafted by experts to help you lose weight fast and in a healthy manner, of course.

Chocolate and Nutri-Pro Shakes

Apart from the meals, each Turbo Takeoff box comes with these as well. The Chocolate is for the Women, and the Nutri-Pro is for the Men. It’s a nice way to ward off hunger, and is a much healthier alternative to the fat-laden milkshakes a lot of us love to drink. What’s more, is that it’s filled with probiotics and proteins to prevent your tummy from bloating while you build your muscles and fight hunger as well.

Peanut Butter Chocolate NutriCurb Bars

Without a doubt, the rich, creamy, fatty mouthfeel of peanuts is hard to resist, and these bars allow you to give in – in controlled quantities, of course. This bar has got 13 grams of protein, as well as another 5 grams for fiber to help curb hunger. This will help you to not feel hungry between meals, and is your source for a healthy snack.