If you own a smartphone, and have been through the Google Play store and the App Store, then one of the familiar apps which come across whenever you browse the messaging portion has to be WhatsApp. This is one of the pioneers of the Free SMS world, as it was an app primarily aimed to allow SMS messaging at absolutely no cost. What’s even better is that it comes with other great features, such as status, group chat, video call, and others. With that said, its popularity really lies on all these great features, or advantages associated with its use. Here’s a greater look at these advantages.

Absolutely Free

Telecom Networks would let you pay a separate charge for sending SMS to people. If you don’t have enough prepaid credit, then you can’t send any messages. With WhatsApp, however, you can send these messages to your contacts for no charge at all! The only thing you need, apart from having the app installed, is a stable internet connection. No more additional bills for messaging!

There are no Ads

One of the the known consequences of free programs is the presence of pesky Ads, which serves are the common source of income in lieu of not having any payment of any sort. With WhatsApp, however, you don’t encounter any of these Ads, which allows for smooth, seamless communication between parties.

There are Several Users

WhatsApp is enjoyed by people, not just in America, but in the rest of the world as well! This is an advantage, especially for people who want to look for friends from different parts of the world and expand their social circles. Also, it’s not going to be difficult to get people to hop in the WhatsApp wagon as the process to do so is totally free and hassle-free.