If you are in Australia, getting a good t-shirt printing service is made easy, thanks to teesnow. This is, without a doubt, one of the best t-shirt printing companies out there, due to its great quality prints, as well as its swift delivery to clients, even for orders that are based outside of Melbourne. While getting a good t-shirt printer is easy, the over-all quality also relies on one’s communication with the designer. With that said, here are some things you ought to consider when choosing or finalizing the design for your t-shirt to be printed.

Design Characteristics

You have to know the colors of the design, and if you don’t want to give a headache to the designer, choose flat PMS colors, as this is one which is generally preferred. Prices for printing will usually depend on the design characteristics, with the greatest metric for the price being the number of colors that could be seen in the shirt.

Number of Prints

How many prints would there be in every shirt? Will there be a separate design for the front and back? Is the design just in front? If you wish to have designs printed on the front and back, then prepare to pay a little extra to cover more ink that would be used.

Proper Deal with the Designer

One thing that you definitely would not want to happen would be for you to have an “expectations vs. Reality ” moment, where the design, as nice as it looks does not at all translate to a good-looking shirt. Make it a point to talk all the details and colors well, and make sure to set things straight and not beat around the bush with the designer in such a way that he is left to assume what you actually want.