Trekking is a very popular sport and youngsters are really crazy about it. Not only males but females are also taking interest in it because of it unbelievable benefits. Basically, if you are a kind of person who love the fresh cool air of the mountains then you should definitely try the trekking sapa. On the trekking tour, you will experience a wonderful atmosphere, which you did not experience anywhere else.  It is fact that before going anywhere we already pack our luggage. As like as, you need to carry some important things before going on the trekking tour. Now I am going to explain about some significant things those will prove very useful on the trekking.

Basics gear

Back packs – back packs will help yours to hold all the important things which you are going to carry on the trekking.

Water bottle – you will feel thirsty while climbing the mountain because this process consumes too much energy so carry a water bottle and fill it with some water.

Snacks – it is important to have some snacks in the bag, when we climb the huge mountains then we feel too much hunger so in this situation snacks prove very useful.  Make sure, the snacks should be light.

Personal medical kit – in cases, people get injuries on the knees and elbows so if they have their personal medical kit then it will prove very useful. There is no any medical help available in the mountains so we medical kit helps you to cure yourself.

Rain cover – sometimes the climate gets change suddenly even you may have to face heavy rain. Therefore, it is important to have the rain cover which will protect your body and back pack as well.

Well, we have covered all the basic gear those prove very helpful in the trekking.