We may all be updated with the latest games and apps available for our electronic devices, but we forget that the classic board games are just as much fun; a little catching up and social interaction wouldn’t hurt. Most of us don’t really pay attention to the new games available at the local board game store but now that you plan on inviting friends for a game-filled afternoon, there’s a reason to shift through their shelves. Below are some of the board games that you’ll enjoy as an adult:

7 Wonders

Consisting of 3 ages, each player will receive 7 cards at every age and will take turns in choosing a card to build during their turn. Once a player has picked a card, you’ll pass the cards you hold to the next player. Yes, you read that right, everyone knows the choices that the player beside them has; what this does is add a layer of strategy. It’s beautifully designed and can be played by 7 players, 8 if you decide to purchase their expansion pack. Even with only two players, it’s still a fun and challenging game.

The Golden City

Ideal for three to four players, Golden City is an incredibly fun adventure and strategy game. The game starts out with everyone as settlers on an island with a Golden City located in the middle. The main goal in this game is to become an established trader and earn access in the Golden City. While playing the game, players will settle on particular areas on the board, each area grants points and resources. Every round comes with a sub-goal, where the player who achieves it will be given extra points. In order to expand, you have to use auctioning skills to grab the ideal tile for you and use them on your settlement.