Segways are certainly gaining popularity of late and manufacturers are lining one amazing product after another to break into this very competitive segment. The Segway is known by many names like the self-balancing scooter, the airboard and so on. Due to its increasing popularity almost everyone wants to be seen on one. Many celebrities have been caught using one; right from Jamie Foxx to Justin Beiber and even the fastest man in the world – Usain Bolt.

If you are, however, reading about segways for the first time, please note that the boards do not hover. As the name suggests, it is a self-balancing scooter with dual motors and gyro sensor technology that offers you a safe ride. When you are in Stockholm you can also look for the Segway Stockholm sign and get the best segways for hire.

The segways built these days are completely viable for commuting and unlike the hoverboards, they do not take much getting used to either. While there are quite a few cheap rip-offs available in the market, the genuine segways will ensure safety and comfort. The Segway is popular because of its name. Everyone wants to ride around in Swag and the Segway offers just that.

With a battery life of 5 hours and top speed of 10 miles per hour, this is definitely of the best feature a segway has to offer. It is perfect for longer commutes and apt for all family members. The Segway also has a beginner mode for first time users. Various built in safety features make it perfect for beginners. A weight of 220 pounds makes it heavy to handle.

With the amazing number of segways available in the market today, decide what features you are looking for and make an informed choice.