Not all household are composed of ideal families. Living with an alcoholic partner is in fact a common case, and it is not that easy to deal with. Thus, you want to have a good guide on how you should address the issue for the best.

Tips in Living with an Alcoholic Partner

If you are living together with an alcoholic, always remember to think about these few guides to help you:

  1. Heated confrontation never helps. If you will confront your hubby when he is drunk, there is a big chance that he will simply put the blame back to you because of scolding him. On the other hand, scolding him while he is sober can push him to have few drinks too. This makes it important to speak with him calmly, and avoid hurtful words to encourage him to change.
  2. Convince him to consult an expert therapist. Although it could be difficult to make him agree for a consultation, this is one of the biggest decision he should make. You can start by simply leaving a contact number for a therapist on his desk, for him to think about it from time to time. There is a good chance that he will eventually consider it, and you should never miss such chance. Go with him to the therapist right away!
  3. Always support him throughout the therapy, the rehabilitation and the post-rehabilitation period. This is for him to get away from his old habits, changing him for the best. You can also talk with his therapist for you to know how you can help in one point or another.

He is your partner after all, thus you should always be at his side through the process. Although it is difficult when you are living with an alcoholic, you can be the way for him to have a better life with you and your kids.