Even though wireless chargers have been around for some time now, it’s only recently that people have taken notice. Hence, numerous companies and brands have put forward their own version of what a wireless charger should be. Of course the opinion of what the best wireless charger is and should be depends on personal preference and requirements. As you go on your search for the best wireless charger that you can get your hands on, keep in mind that phones work just as fine with cable chargers and the wireless ones are even considered as only accessories.

RavPower Wireless Charging Pad

Considered as a more popular brand for charging accessories, they compete with Anker on numerous products like battery packs. RavPower has proven itself in manufacturing and producing wireless chargers, in fact their wireless charger has climbed the top of a lot of review lists. The price of the fast charge wireless charger may come as a shock, since even similar chargers by RavPower itself comes at a lower price. The reason for this is the 24W power brick, which can’t be found in the cheaper chargers; that small component already costs $15. If you think about it, the power brick is definitely something that you’ll require if you plan to maximize the quickest charging speeds.

Apart from all the technicalities, which are definitely better than most, this Fast Charge has a nice design; the metal case not only looks sophisticated but it stops the charger from sliding around the surface. The top is made of soft rubber which nearly eliminates any chance of phones slipping or getting scratched. A huge plus is the fact that it has a single LED installed at the front of the device instead of the huge glowing ring that other chargers seem to find attractive.