Before you go on and start your own SMS business, keep in mind that this business decision can yield a lot of profits if done right. SMS Customer Relationship Management and SMS services are the most common kind of SMS businesses. The first step is to choose between one of the numerous SMS services and SMS aggregators which can be a tough decision so it’s critical to fully understand the differences between them.

SMS Services

If it’s a kind of messaging service that requires the mobile recipient to actually pay for the content then it’s called premium SMS services. As for the content, it can vary from the most mundane things like daily horoscopes, weather, stock quotes, alerts to something unique like daily prayer. What keeps SMS services going is the act of sending and receiving SMS messages. Coretalk, Verisign, Clickatell, Mobilestorm and OpenMarket are just some of the highly competitive SMS aggregators; each of these offers their very own services which share the revenue between the aggregator and the SMS campaigner. Creating the revenue stream should be done by charging the subscribers through a monthly subscription or a pay-as-you-go basis.

SMS Customer Relationship Management

Adding the element of CRM or Customer Relationship Management to the entire SMS solution offer another amazing SMS business opportunity; SMS Customer Relationship Management solutions help all sorts of businesses manage their clients more effectively and even enhance supplier and employee relationships. By connecting a regular mobile number, SMS can become incredibly influential and powerful as a two-way interactive tool. With the help of this tool, a business can instantly communicate with absolutely anyone from one individual to a crowd made up of thousands. For this kind of service, we highly recommend companies like Coretalk since they’re more than capable of providing fully integrated SMS services.