Investing in a house has several huge tax benefits. This makes it quite interesting for several individuals. If you see a Greece property for sale by the beach, you could take the chance and buy it. You could get several unique tax advantages by owning a property. These benefits usually do not come with each various investment. So, if you really know how to play the game, you could greatly maximize your ROI simply by minimizing your tax.


For those who do not know, the dropping in value of the property – the building and the stuff inside the property – you have is called depreciation. Just like your car, you could get the dropping value of the building construction and the items within the property, against the money that is going into your bank account in that financial year. Thus, turning a property that’s negatively geared into a positively geared one is one of the benefits of depreciation. Also, it could make a property that’s positively geared nearly tax-free.

Negative Gearing

The tax benefit that comes with negative geared property is the second advantage of investment property. However, you need to hire a tax accountant for your particular situation. Just to make everything short, each dollar you get you will obtain several tax returns. This means that you are losing less cash.

Tax Exemptions

This benefit can only be applied to the principal residence place. This benefit could also be applied to only 1 property. It can’t be applied to several properties.

The basic idea here is that since it is a house that you live in, you actually could acquire capital gains tax exemptions. Meaning, you do not really have to pay tax on the gain you acquired when it the time comes to sell your property.