As you go from one potential rifle scope to the next, you have to take numerous factors into account like the usage, price and brand. No one becomes an expert on the first day, so it’s perfectly alright to look up a source or numerous relevant review websites that can offer their expertise. Scopes Review offers numerous helpful tips including the features to keep an eye out for in every scope.

Eye Relief Factor

One of the most important factor is the eye relief, specifically the distance from the user’s eye to the scope’s ocular lens whenever it’s in position. Pay close attention to the eye-relief, especially when you own a bigger rifle. Owners of larger rifles should have 2 inches of eye relief in the least or else you might hurt yourself.


Obviously, lenses are important too especially for long-range scopes. You have to go for lens that offer crystal clear view of the target during the low and high settings on the magnifications. High clarity lens is required for the most accurate shot and in reading wind speed. Accurate wind reading is highly achievable with scopes that feature good glass. To asses this, you have to look into each and every scope on your list of choices before effectively comparing them with one another.


The best kinds of scopes have sturdy and durable designs since the scope’s body greatly influences the optics’ precision. Choose a good scope, high-end scopes have a single piece body which adds to the overall quality; another big plus is being waterproof.


A common misconception is that the image becomes sharper when the scope is better focused. But focusing only means that you’ll adjust the scope’s eyepiece in order to sharpen the reticle line. Hence, be sure to focus the scope first before using it.