Having to rent a car Bucharest could actually come in convenient when you’re in a pinch with your existing car or about to board on a thrilling road trip. On several occasions, the term car rental insurance could pop up referring to various things. Car rental insurance could be broken down into 2 types:

  • Vehicle insurance coverage on the vehicle you rent.
  • Coverage on the vehicle policy that pays for a rental vehicle while your car is being fixed due to a loss that’s covered.

Insuring a Rental Car

Insuring a rented vehicle is the same as insuring your own vehicle. Coverage for physical, medical, and liability damage is needed. It’s significant to know what you’re buying. The car rental shop provides several kinds of coverage that are named slightly different from the auto policy you have.

The price range could greatly vary depending on where you get car rental coverage. You could get insurance for a rental vehicle from some various sources.

Car Insurance Coverage that Pays for Car Rental

A rental car is a requirement if you ever are in a vehicular accident and do not have any extra vehicle. An optional coverage on the car insurance you have is the coverage for the car rental. Oftentimes, it is referred to as enhanced transportation restrictions. This helps cover the costs of a car rental. Total Amount Covered/Amount Per Day is the displayed coverage.

For instance, it might be listed as 50/1500 or 30/900 if you have car rental chosen on your policy. The 1st number signifies the available number to daily payout and the 2nd amount signifies the total amount paid over 1 month. You would be responsible for $5/day if your rental coverage is 30/900 and the cost of your car rental is $35/day.