We oftentimes make reckless choices and have to live with its penalties. In 2014, around 1.2 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol according to MADD. Out of the numbers above, 3 times as many men were arrested for drunk driving than women.

Hiring a DUI lawyer with great qualifications and experience affords you several advantages like the ability to steer complex situations, knowledge of plea bargain details, professional counseling on what to say and not to say, and behind-the-scenes expertise of the court system. There are several things you must know before hiring a DUI lawyer.

Do Your Research

A great DUI lawyer who would help you in court, understand your case, and listen to you is not simply going to jump directly at you. It is significant to research different DUI lawyers in order to select the one that’s best for your certain case. Luckily, the social media and internet have made this easy. Additionally, it’s always a great idea to ask trusted family and friends for their recommendations and suggestions on who to hire.

Make a List Possible Lawyers

Make a written log or Excel Spreadsheet and maintain a list of the attorneys you’re interested in. The list must include their address, email address, phone number, area of specialty, and their name. You must include a column for cost in your list as well if you already have spoken to them and know their fee.

Know if the Lawyer is Qualified

It doesn’t mean that the lawyer is qualified to take on your case simply because he or she is a “lawyer”. Check out your State Bar site to see if there are any attorneys on your list that have been subject to any disciplinary actions or have a history of malpractice.