One of the most frightening things in an online game is joining into a ranked match. That is very true in Overwatch. You would have 11 other players judging your plays as a 6 vs. 6 game. However, there are several things you could do to make your match just a tiny bit simpler when getting ready to join in the fight. You could avail an Overwatch boosting service. But, here are some other ways.

Queue with Your Pals Only if they are ready for Ranked Matches

Though it is one of the greatest experiences that the game has to provide, queuing up with your pals isn’t going to do you any favors if they are terrible at getting headshots on Hanzo or if they insist on playing an attack Torbjorn.

Suggest politely playing Quick Play if you think you are ready and your pal is not. Let them improve first before you queue with them. Queuing up with your inexperienced friend is not giving your team any benefit.

If Possible, Queue with Few Players at First

The more players you play with, the more likely it is that you would join a premade team that is either more coordinated than you or smurfing from higher ranks. That is why queuing with your pals isn’t a good idea, especially if you are not yet ready. Though communication helps, the more players you have in a team, the more likely it is that the enemy has better communication.

Take a Break after Losing Several Games

You are probably feeling quite salty at everything if you have lost several ranked games in a row. That state is called “going on tilt”. It is a condition that is not going to help you win more games.