Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is basically the first person shooting game which was first time introduced to the people in 2012. The games consist of the various game modes. The game allows the person to work in their own way through the range of the weapons. They can also add the csgoskins to their weapons and completely change its appearance. The game has a good variety of skins. A person can choose according to their taste and preferences.

Guide of weapons 

Guns – it is the most precious weapon of the game, there is a large list of the guns that are available in the game. A person should be choosing the gun according to the requirement of the stage.

Knife – it also plays a very important role in the game, in case you are having the enemy just near you and you do not wish to waste the ammo’s than you can go for it.

Grenade – it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the highly destructible weapons. They can be used to give good amount of damage to the rivals. Just remember they are expensive so, use them in such way that you get the finest result like in circumstances where you are crowded by enemies.

Gloves – they can’t be termed as the weapon but plays an important role when it comes to use the weapons. Using weapons require proper grip which is provided by the gloves. Better the grip of glove, better the performance of weapon.

Final words

In case you are quite impressed with the game, you can get it for you. They are suitable for the PC, Xbox 360 and Play station 3 platforms. Just make sure to grab the basics of the weapons in order to head forward in game smoothly.